Strängnäs 10 minutes from Låsta

Beautifully next to Mälaren is Strängnäs, an idyll with activities all year round. History and the present is united here, from historic buildings to shopping and art. Dock your boat at the marina or swim in the middle of town. In Strängnäs there is everything in a cozy town centre, just ten minutes from Låsta by Car. The cathedral sits high above the city, surrounded by red cottages and alleyways with cobblestones. Talk about “the wings of history”! In Strängnäs … Read more here >

Stockholm 50 minutes from Låsta

Stockholm Just 90 km from Låsta Farm Hotel is Stockholm, Sweden’s beautiful capital. Combine your stay at Låsta with a visit here. Or why not choose Låsta as a base for your Stockholm stay! It doesn’t take more than 50 minutes to travel here, by train or car. Stockholm is the city on the water, between the bridges. With its unique location between Mälaren and the Baltic Sea, it never ceases to fascinate. For centuries, Stockholm has inspired everything from … Read more here >

Mariefred 20 minutes from Låsta

The small town of Mariefred is just 20 minutes from Låsta Farm Hotel. Stroll in the picturesque city centre and enjoy everything from historical experiences to good food and local craftsmanship. Next to Mälaren’s beach, Gripsholm Castle stands tall. Book a guided tour here; it fits both large and small. There are impressive collections of furniture, art and portraits from four centuries. Also take a ride with steam locomotives on Mariefred’s famous museum railway. In Mariefred’s picturesque city centre, many … Read more here >