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Cursory creative conference with glass blowing


Take the management team or work group on an extraordinary experience. It’s guaranteed to be a great way to get to know each other outside the office and an experience that welds the group together. Try that the noble art of blowing glass in Skeppsta hytta together with the glass artist Ebba von Wachenfeldt. Overnight accommodation takes place at Låsta Farm Hotel. Scope: 2 half days with overnight accommodation.

Glass blowing conference

Skeppsta glass hytta is located in what used to be Skeppsta school along road 223 between Mariefred and Björnlunda. Here, the famous glass artist Ebba von Wachenfeldt forms all kinds of glass. There is also the glass cabin, where you can see how the glass is formed from the hot glass mass, a shop where Ebba’s objects are for sale, and an art gallery and café.

Bring your work or management team to a unique conference. Conference at Låsta Gårdshotell and then weld the group together through an extraordinary experience. You get to create and be creative together and try the art of blowing glass. After an introduction and demonstration, you’ll have to shape and blow the hot glass. The visitor gets to scoop, cut, blow and shape it into a drinking glass, a ball or something else. Whoever blows a glass also gets to take home the works created.

Scope: 2 half days, lunch to lunch with overnight stay

Price: SEK 2,524 + VAT. Note! The price applies per person in double rooms for a group of 8-12 persons, excluding transport.

Day 1

12.00 Arrival Låsta Farm Hotel and lunch.
13.00–15.00 Conference
15.30 Arrival Skeppsta
16.00–19.00 Glass blowing
19.00 Cabin dinner at Skeppsta – glass oven baked potatoes with accessories.

Overnight at Låsta Farm Hotel.

Day 2

8.00 A generous breakfast buffet with eggs from the farm’s chickens, homemade bread, homemade marmalade and more.
9.00–13.00 Conference
13.00 Lunch and closing as well as delivery of finished glass products.