Environment and sustainability are very important to us at Låsta Farm Hotel. We care about both humans and animals as well as nature and the environment, where we want to leave as little impact as possible. This has gone like a thread through both the construction and operation of our hotel.

We have built with solid natural materials including lots of wood. The insulation we have used is environmentally friendly and we have also isolated more than usual. We use both geothermal and solar energy for heating.

The electricity we buy is environment friendly and where possible we always choose low-energy lamps. We also trade the rest of them as they go.

We buy locally produced, organic or ecolabelled as far as possible. This applies to everything from breakfast serving to laundry and cleaning products. The bread for our breakfast buffet comes, for example, from local bakeries.

We also strive for a high degree of self-sufficiency, in the areas where the farm can contribute. This applies, for example, to eggs from our own hens and self-made marmalade. We also always serve our own water, with or without bubbles, to minimize the purchase of bottled water.

Through creative initiatives, we recycle materials from the farm's buildings, to create functional and personal solutions. So a birch trunk has become a cup holder and old cart wheel a canopy. Beautifully worn floor planks may serve as headboards and old windows from the courtyard have become mirrors in the rooms.

Food waste is taken care of as food for our animals or compost.

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