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Stockholm 50 minutes from Låsta



Just 90 km from Låsta Farm Hotel is Stockholm, Sweden’s beautiful capital. Combine your stay at Låsta with a visit here. Or why not choose Låsta as a base for your Stockholm stay! It doesn’t take more than 50 minutes to travel here, by train or car.

Stockholm is the city on the water, between the bridges. With its unique location between Mälaren and the Baltic Sea, it never ceases to fascinate. For centuries, Stockholm has inspired everything from musicians and artists to poets and writers.

There is an endless range of culture and food from all corners of the world, as well as entertainment and attractions. The city offers everything from historic buildings to idyllic cottages and the latest architecture. Visit the world famous Vasa Museum, walk on Djurgården or take a coffee among the medieval alleys of the Old Town. In addition, you can swim in many places, in the middle of the city! Of course there is also shopping for all wallets and flavors.

Also take the opportunity to visit the Stockholm archipelago, which you easily reach by boat. There are more than 24,000 islands and islets, with amazing natural experiences. Which one do you choose?

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