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Strängnäs 10 minutes from Låsta


Beautifully next to Mälaren is Strängnäs, an idyll with activities all year round. History and the present is united here, from historic buildings to shopping and art. Dock your boat at the marina or swim in the middle of town. In Strängnäs there is everything in a cozy town centre, just ten minutes from Låsta by Car.

The cathedral sits high above the city, surrounded by red cottages and alleyways with cobblestones. Talk about ”the wings of history”! In Strängnäs Gustav Vasa was elected king in 1523 and here one of the country’s first high schools was founded. Visit the church that is open every day – with guided tours throughout the summer. Also join us on a real time trip, by attending a dramatized city walk.

In Strängnäs you can shop everything from clothes to furnishings and delicacies. There are many unique small shops but also large clothing chains. There are also secondhand shops, cosy cafes and a cultural house. If you’re here in the summer, the city’s outdoor cafes are enticing

Also look out for all the events being arranged, all year round. You don’t want to miss the Autumn Market with more than 300 stands, the summer party or Tore Wretmans day. Throughout December, the city is filled with christmas spirit, with everything from lucia trains to concerts and Christmas markets.

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