From relaxation to lots of activities

Your stay at Låsta should be exactly the way you want it – that's our goal.
Do you want pure relaxation or as many experiences as possible? Maybe a combination? Tell us, and we'll do everything we can to meet your wishes. We'll be happy to provide tips and inspiration.

Bicycles and hiking rods are available to borrow. In winter there are also two kick-bumps. You can also borrow kubb-games and use our pétanque field. Do you want to use a picnic basket? We can arrange that too, all according to your wishes.


Here we propose excursions and activities near Låsta farm hotel. We also offer organized activities such as packages, in combination with accommodation at Låsta. Read more about our package offers here >

Enjoy your stay!

Pat and feed the animals

Here at Låsta there are not only people but also several animals. Come and visit them! Children are also allowed to help feed and care for the animals, with permission. Today, these animals live with us: horses, sheep, chickens, one cat and a rabbit.


Enjoy the patio at Låsta Farm Hotel! Here you can sit for a long time during warm evenings – preferably with something good in the glass and on the grill.

Make a bike excursion

Take a bike ride in the sörmland landscape! There is much to discover here, such as berry and fungal grounds, ancient monuments and beautiful vantage points. With a picnic basket on the bike, you can stay out all day.

Bicycles can be borrowed at Låsta Farm Hotel.

Swim and paddle canoe/kayak

Near Låsta there is Mälaren and many smaller swimming lakes that entices with cool dips or swims. Many of the lakes are perfect for paddling – glide out on to the water and experience total proximity to nature.

Kayaks and canoes are available for rent nearby; we are happy to help with the booking.

Riding Tour
Image from Edeby Manor

Go on a riding tour

Experience the sörmland landscape from horseback! Around Strängnäs there are a large number of stables and horse farms, with various activities such as riding tours. For more information, see the following websites:

Edeby Manor > Tour riding on Icelandic horsesHallmyra Farm >Tour riding on different horse races both large small.
Ekeby Riding School > Try-on-riding, 15 minutes, for children Sundays at 2 pm, see the website for exact dates.
Vilsta Riding School > Try-on-riding for adults and adolescents over 10 years on Sundays, see the website for booking, prices and exact dates.
Nyby Torshälla riding club > Quality labelled riding school with try-on riding.


In ten minutes you reach Strängnäs, the idyllic small town dating back to the Middle Ages. Here, cobblestone-paved alleys are among red cottages, and there are both 17th-century cafes as well as unique shops and modern shopping chains. In the middle of the city there is both a marina and a beach, and high up the windmill and the mighty cathedral sits over the city.


Just 17 km from Låsta is the picturesque small town of Mariefred. Stroll around the beautiful city centre or along the promenade, among houses from the mid-18th century. When you're hungry, many cozy cafes and restaurants await. Mariefred also offers a lot of galleries and shops, with works by local artists and craftsmen.


Take the opportunity to visit sweden's capital when you stay at Låsta Farm Hotel. Or simply choose Låsta as the base for your Stockholm trip. Strängnäs is only 70 km from Stockholm, so you are there in just under an hour – either by car or train.

Sela Island

To Selaön, the journey over Sweden's largest lake bridge, runs across the strait from Stallarholmen. Here, at Mälaren's beach, Mälsåker Castle is throned – a perfect destination for those who want to experience both culture and nature. The slope below the castle is also ideal for a picnic with subsequent baths. Selaön is also rich in antiquities, including a unique ship barrow at Åsa burial fields.

Åkers styckebruk

In nearby Åker a fantastic nature waits with lots of experiences. There are both hiking and canoe trails, as well as fishing lakes and historical mining environments. In winter, lovely ices attracts those who ride long-distance skates.

Fishing trip on Mälaren or in the Stockholm archipelago

Pike, perch or pike – you can cath them all, during a fishing adventure at Mälaren. Låsta cooperates with Håkan Blomgren who runs the company Mälarguiden. Depending on the season and interest, he offers full- or half days of fishing at Mälaren. In the Stockholm archipelago he arranges similar packages, but there you also fish salmon and trout. Contact us with your wishes, and we'll get back to you with a quote.



Within about 30 minutes of drive from Låsta there are no fewer than eight golf courses. If you increase the time by half an hour more, there are more than twice as many. Pack the golf bag for a day in good company!


When winter offers snow, we offer ski tracks – just around the corner! Skiing out into the fields or in the forest between snow-laden branches is a curious experience. We'd love to pack some coffee, at your request.