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Mariefred 20 minutes from Låsta


The small town of Mariefred is just 20 minutes from Låsta Farm Hotel. Stroll in the picturesque city centre and enjoy everything from historical experiences to good food and local craftsmanship.

Next to Mälaren’s beach, Gripsholm Castle stands tall. Book a guided tour here; it fits both large and small. There are impressive collections of furniture, art and portraits from four centuries. Also take a ride with steam locomotives on Mariefred’s famous museum railway.

In Mariefred’s picturesque city centre, many famous TV shows have been recorded. You can see why, when you roam among the beautiful houses on cobblestones. Maybe you’ll find the place where Emil in Lönneberga was in the market? Take a break at a charming café or eat at a reputable restaurant.

Also visit Mariefred’s unique shops and galleries, with everything from homemade bread to chocolate, arts and crafts.

Next door is Hjorthagen, Mariefred’s beautiful nature reserve with about 100 fallow deer. Are you planning a proposal? Then take a look at romantic Slottsholmen.

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